Pre-Collection Info


Please remember to bring a Cat Carrier with you when you come to collect your kitten.  I will go through and explain all the paperwork which may take a bit of time (30mins).    All kittens will be supplied with a Kitten Pack, this contains:

  • Vaccination Certificate;
  • 4 Generation Pedigree;
  • GCCF Registration Details;
  • Microchip details;
  • Kitten Insurance;
  • Samples of food;

I always recommend new owners take their kitten to a vet to register and have him/her checked out within 72 hours.  If you don’t already have a vet it might be worth finding out which practice you are going to use.


Fresh water and dried food should be available all the time.  I like to give a meal at least once a day of wet food just to give a variety. 

Your kitten has been eating the following foods:

  1. Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten (dried)
  2. James Wellbeloved Kitten (dried)
  3. Royal Canin 2nd Stage Kitten Food (dried)
  4. White cooked fish
  5. Cooked minced chicken
  6. Untamed wet food
  7. Blink wet food


We use wood pellet cat litter (purchased from Pets@Home)


I recommend stainless steel or ceramic feeding/water bowls as they are easier to keep clean. 

A good quality (bigger than average) cat post or tree will be very useful.

Useful website for purchases:

Cat tree UK –    – Good quality large cat trees suitable for Maine Coons

Luxury Cat Towers –  – Excellent large cat trees and bedding which washes beautifully

Brit Pet – Sieve Litter Trays – Maxi tray recommended for Maine Coons.

Zooplus – – – Useful site some good offers from time to time especially on food.

Pets@Home – – Not the cheapest for food but sometimes good offers.  Best place for the wood cat litter.

Untamed-  – Good quality wet food

Blink Cat Food – Good quality wet food